Lake Love and Other Ramblings of the Heart

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Home, sweet home

I love where I live. Whenever I travel out of this beautiful valley, I'm always reminded of how much I love it on return. If I have traveled south, and I'm cruising back over Siskiyou Pass, I'm always struck by the beauty of the mountains and forests that greet me. It’s breathtaking: cresting the summit, and seeing those mountains, cascading into the distance, greeting me like old friends. If I'm coming back from the north, one of the first things I see is the sentinel Mount McLoughlin, rising up from the Cascade Range. It’s easy to understand why that mountain was revered by native populations and later settlers, alike. I love the sheer beauty of this place...and I also love how much there is to do and see within an hour’s drive.

Lake of the Woods

One of the places that has firmly captured my heart is Lake of the Woods. This magical spot is a very special place for me. From the time I moved here nearly thirty years ago, I have made the drive to Lake of the Woods (or LoW as it sometimes gets abbreviated) multiple times a year. Whether traveling up the controversially named Dead Indian Memorial Hwy, or Hwy 140, it is always a moment to cherish, no matter the season. Snow-covered pines and firs in the winter, brilliant reds and oranges of autumn, verdant green of spring and summer all leave indelible impressions in my memory.

Tree-lined shore of LoW

And then there is the lake itself. Lake of the Woods is one o