Does my trailer reservation include a campsite? 

You choose where you want to stay, and make your own reservation. We deliver the trailer and set it up with all the comforts.

Where will you deliver?

Our base delivery fee includes delivery of your trailer to any campground within approximately an hour's drive of Medford, Oregon. Additional charges apply for deliveries outside our normal radius. We recommend only camping at sites with full hookups to use all features of the trailer.

Can I tow a trailer myself? 

Absolutely! You just need to have a capable vehicle, brake controller, and insurance that covers your car and any towed trailer. Our insurance takes care of liability while using the trailer; yours covers it while under tow.

For more info on towing, see our Towing FAQs page!

What does "full hookups" mean?

Full hookups means you have connections for power, water and sewer - in the case of our trailer, power means 30 amp service. If you don't have electrical hookups, you'll need an alternative power source (see next item below) to keep the batteries charged and in good shape.

So what are "all the comforts?"

We provide bedding, and kitchen and bathroom linens. Cookware, utensils, dishes, basic spices, soaps and cleaning supplies are all included in your rate.

How many nights can I stay?

You may stay as many as fourteen days, and as few as three.

Other arrangements are subject to prior agreement.

What if I want to have more of a back-country experience?

You can definitely "dry camp" as long as you utilize an alternative power source such as a generator or solar panel. You can bring your own, or rent one from us. It's important, too, that you know the limitations of your trailer, and follow conservative practices with water and power consumption.

What if we're camping without sewer hookups, and fill our tanks before our stay is done? 

You are expected to monitor your tanks, and use conservative water practices. If we have to come out to service your tanks during your stay, a standard delivery/pickup fee of $125 will apply.

What if we run out of water? 
As an option, your trailer can be delivered with a full tank of water if staying at a dry campsite. Dry camping is only available for a maximum of three or four days if you conserve water: take sparing showers, don't fill your sinks, and order gallons of drinking water to be stocked for your stay. We are not responsible if you run out of water. You do not need to refill water or dump holding tanks at the end of your stay.

Can I smoke or vape in your trailers?

Our trailers are 100% smoke- and vape-free. 

What's your policy regarding festivals? Like, can I take one to Burning Man?

No Burning Man! However, taking a trailer to other festivals is subject to prior approval, and may incur additional fees for cleaning, wear and tear, etc. 

Can I bring Fido?

House-mannered Fido is welcome in any of our RVs with a $25 fee. This is to cover cleaning charges. Note that any damage incurred from your pet may be withheld from your security deposit. Read our pet policies HERE.

What is the cancellation policy? 

You may cancel up to 14 days prior to arrival without a fee. We collect for your full stay within the two weeks prior to delivery/departure.


What is the cleaning charge? 
It's actually a "cleaning-prep-stocking" fee. We charge a $75 cleaning fee, because we deep-clean/sanitize the trailer and dump the tanks after every stay. We ask that guests do a basic clean up…..sweep out the trailer, wash any dishes that were used, wipe down the counter tops and throw away trash to avoid any additional charges. We do the rest. 

Is my security deposit fully refundable?
Of course it is! Your $1000 security deposit is returned in full after an inspection that shows no damage has occurred. Damages are assessed on a replacement or repaired value, and any unused balance is returned.

What are your check in/check out times? 
Check-in is any time after 3:00 PM; your key will be in a predetermined location that we will send you before arrival. Check-out is typically between 11:00am and 12:00pm.

What if I want to move to another location? 
Once the trailer is delivered and set up, it may not be moved by anyone other than our drivers, and only with prior arrangements and additional moving fees.

If there is a problem with the trailer, please notify us immediately. If trailer is moved, appropriate legal action may result.