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We know that many folks love to bring their furry friends along on their outdoor adventures! We also know that it can be hard to find pet-friendly accommodations; Sweet Dreams RV Rentals has your back! For a nominal pet-cleaning fee of $45 per dog, you may bring up to two pups along. Please read our full pet policy and addendum below (you will sign these documents at or before delivery.)

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Pet Policy

We would like to welcome you and hope that you and your pet will enjoy your stay with us, but please remember these important policies in order to preserve your full deposit:


  • Please, no more than two pets. We charge a $45 fee per pet.


  • Please never leave pets unattended in the RV unless in a crate. Your well-behaved pet at home alone is likely very stressed alone in a strange place. (#1 cause of pet damage).


  • Please bring pet beds for the floor. No pets on the furniture, on beds or on our towels/linen/bedding.


  • Please do not bathe the pets in the tub. Use your outdoor shower to rinse the lake, river or dusty trail off your pet before entering the RV.


  • No wet pets inside. Please bring pet towels and always dry pets before entering.


  • Pet fees cover a little additional cleaning, but please be aware that extra fees may be incurred should there be significant additional cleaning required, as per the pet addendum.


  • For pet safety, please do not tether pets to RV.

Pet Addendum

The SDRVR team understands that you consider your family pet an important member of your family, and therefore may want to include your pet on the family trip. That is why we allow you to bring Fido along. However, there are some rules and regulations that you must agree to first:


Pet Charges

An additional $35 per pet with a max of two pets per reservation.



When the RV is returned, there should be no pet odor, excessive pet hair, or pet damage.

Excessive pet hair, carpet and/or fabric stains, carpet and/or fabric tears, damage to window coverings, panel or wood trim damage, pet food, fleas, and smell or odor associated with an animal are all reasons to withhold damage deposit.


  • Please provide a signed pet policy before departure. A copy of our pet policy is also included in your RV’s binder.

  • Up to two dogs are allowed in our RV.


  • If you decide to leave your RV with the pet in it, it must be kept in a crate. Your pet may not have the “free-roaming” of the RV while you are away.

  • We ask that you please not allow your pet on ANY of the furniture in the unit. This includes the seats, sofas, dinette area, overhead bunks, or beds.


Excessive cleaning charges and fumigation begin at a flat rate of $250.00.

Any permanent damage will result in paying the cost of parts and labor to repair.

*If evidence of a pet is found and it was NOT disclosed at the time of reservation, you will also be subject to a $35 fee per pet/per reservation.*

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