Food Hacks for the Camp Cookie.

Updated: May 3, 2019

Cooking at camp is a uniquely satisfying and fun experience. I really love to cook on a campfire, with all my cast iron cookware. I have a Dutch oven, a couple of different skillet sizes and an amazing griddle. My iron knows its way around burning logs, and delivers flavorful meals that come together at a joy-filled campsite, seasoned with laughter and devoured after a day of playing hard!

There is no right way or wrong way, we simply suggest easy. I am an owner of an RV rental company near Medford, which means I can go out in an RV anytime. I offer up some campfire food ideas, that work just as well either at the fire or in your RV kitchen.

Planning pays; always shop before departure day. Have two clean coolers ready; one for beverages and one for cold food. If you are taking campfire skillets, get them in a box ready to go. Even though our RV rentals have indoor cookware in the fully outfitted kitchens, I still pack my iron, it’s just so fun. Beverages are critical! Load up beverages in the cooler a day or two ahead and smother in ice just before you leave. You will have coldies on arrival. Our camp insist on hitting the ground refreshed. The rest can go in the RV fridge once set up, but we still keep ice chest full because icy cold is part of the camp experience, at least until the ice runs out and then that fridge is your best friend! I am focused these days on reducing my single use plastic consumption, so I choose cans, cardboard juice boxes and juice concentrates as much as possible. Take large jugs of drinking water. Camp water can sometimes have an unpleasant taste and can ruin your camp coffee.

Have a “to go” spice rack. The same full flavors from home taste better in the great outdoors. One way to transport herbs and spices is in saved tic-tac containers. The perfect size, they close tightly and are very light weight. Always bring oil and butter if you use it. Never forget the S&P! These traveling cooking basics are winners! Important condiments are ketchup, mustard, mayo; and I don’t go anywhere without Tabasco. Also, I chop onions, etc. for cooking or condiments before I leave. (People will think you have a cooking show!) While we do stock some basics (salt, pepper, etc.), it's always best to bring your favorites just in case!

Now for some family snack hacks... Kids play hard when camping, it is grab and go

food all the way y’all! You will need recharging snacks to fuel the extra burn. Bring all your favorite high-powered snacks like oatmeal raisin cookies, muffins, peanut

butter, cheese sticks, hearty crackers, cut snack veggies & fruit, and a good nut-rich trail mix. The theme for “grab and go” is more protein, healthy carbs and less refined sugar. By avoiding empty carbs, high sugar snacks and soda, you will help keep those

little engines fueled and minimize exhaustion charged emotional breakdowns in camp. It might be the smartest thing you do to preserve a great vacation.

Before departure, easy prep camp breakfasts can include premixed pancake batter (don’t forget some fresh blueberries to toss on), scrambled eggs or a French toast cinnamon egg mix to dip a good bread in and toss on the griddle. But be sure to transport cold and in unbreakable containers. Before leaving, microwave some potatoes and cut them up for an easier pan fry or grate them up for hash browns. Yummy! We bring diced kielbasa or browned sausage crumbles to toss into a full scramble which can be rolled up into heated flour tortillas if you like. Just like that, you are the camp cookie from meal one! Remember to pack the syrup!

Lunch doesn’t have to be difficult either. Cut a French bread loaf lengthwise and load it up with cured meats and cheese slices. Keep cold until