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Makin' Plans

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

There are two kinds of people in the camping world, those who like to plan early to ensure they get the best campsite by the water or with the view, and those who prefer a more spontaneous, “throw it all in the back of the car and hit the open road”

approach to find whatever campsite is left. My trail-worn hikers are firmly planted in the plan ahead camp, and I don’t mind telling you, I am usually at the front of the line picking the choicest campsites.

As the daydreamer who turns quickly into planner, I start to visualize my spring and summer vacation shortly after hanging up my snowshoes, bundled up in my cozy fleece throw, in front of a crackling fire. Dreaming of the barefoot lifestyle, I can feel the warm sun on my face, smell the crisp scents of the outdoors, and hear the sigh of relief imagining the cool river water on my toes...all while wondering if last year's shorts will still fit next summer...time to let the planning begin!

Where do you imagine yourself going when the winter chill begins to thaw? Cave

crawling near the hot springs of the Oregon high desert? Cannon Beach on the stunning Oregon coast, where sunset closes the day with a spectacular light show? Or, maybe you see yourself just relaxing by a campfire under the cool evergreen canopy of the Siskiyous, drinking a cup of small-batch, locally-roasted coffee or a glass of award-winning Oregon Pinot Noir at your favorite campsite? Wherever you go, planning ahead is the key to a perfect experience, to ensure you get the campsite of your choice.

Discover why Southern Oregon is such a special destination. Crater Lake, Pacific Crest Trail and the mighty Rogue River are among the renowned natural destinations that make camping in Southern Oregon an unforgettable experience. Those in the know come to do it all: hike the PCT, fish for giant salmon, raft the Class V’s, all while enjoying the close of day in base camp. They know about the

incredible Britt Festival and Tony Award winning Shakespeare Festival; the world class wines, hand crafted microbreweries and of course, literally the world’s best cheese. They come to soak in the sheer beauty that southern Oregon offers. And they know that if they want the best campsites and activities, they need to book them early. Those who have planned ahead will be living their bliss while those who live the spontaneous lifestyle will likely find themselves having to take site number Z-99, right next to the restrooms. 

Even though the skies are still a hazy shade of winter, my spring trip to the Oregon High Desert is planned, and the notion of a summer trip is starting to take shape in my mind. I don’t want to miss out on my next great adventure and I sure don't want to miss the best campsites. I’m ready for summer fun - how ‘bout you?

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