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Five Reasons to Get Out Now! Or, Why Spring Camping Is AWESOME!

As spring winds down, and summer is approaching, the dreams of travel, vacations, sunshine, camping fill our heads... But why wait? Springtime is an excellent time to get out and go camping, especially in an RV. A little rain or some cold nights don't have to stop you from enjoying the great outdoors. In fact, spring can be the best time to camp. Here are five great reasons to GO NOW!

The Weather

Yes, the weather during spring can be a little unpredictable, and there are often sudden temperature or precipitation swings. But overall, spring weather is perfect for getting outside. You won't have to deal with the sweltering temps and humidity that often come with summer.


So this one may sound a little odd, but think about it:

camping in the later days of summer can often mean there hasn't been a lot of rain...and creeks and rivers and

lakes can start to show the effects of long dry spells. Camp in spring, and you can reap the benefits of winter's snows, snowmelt, runoff...get it? Waterfall chasing is one of our number one reasons to go camping in the spring!

Spring Rates

Want to save a few bucks? Vacation for less by getting out when spring rates are still in effect, before peak season hits. RVs can be rented for less, and campgrounds are typically at a lower rate. Camping before Memorial Day is an excellent way to travel without breaking the bank.

Crowds? What crowds?

I don't know about you, but we love going where everyone else isn't. During the height of the summer season, finding a place to camp that isn't booked solid can be tough. You might be hoping for a nice quiet, relaxing getaway, but with sites booked all around you, that peace and quiet might be hard to achieve. Camping during the off-season is definitely one way to find your bliss. And fewer crowds comes more sites available, which means spontaneous trips are possible. Try that in the middle of July!

Nature at Her Finest

When spring arrives, so does COLOR! Green appears everywhere: meadows...trees...mosses...and then there are the flowers. Wildflowers are in their full blooming glory, and after a wet, cold winter, you might even get treated to a super bloom. Summer is lovely, but spring can often completely steal her thunder.

So why wait? Get your camping season started now, and you'll create even more lasting memories with your family and friends. Sweet Dreams RV Rentals is happy to help make those memories happen!

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