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When Family Gatherings Call, We Deliver!

Heading out to Indian Mary along the beautiful Rogue River with trailer in tow, we had no idea what awaited: crowds of people riding up on their bikes, waving us down with excitement...the park was buzzing with aunts and uncles, parents and grandparents, kids and cousins. The crowd descended on our truck with glee... we’d landed in the family gathering Twilight zone!

Since starting our business, Sweet Dreams has delivered RVs to countless homes and campgrounds for family gatherings. Holidays including Thanksgiving and Christmas have shown to be popular times for home deliveries. And why not? Why put your family up in a hotel, when you can have an instant spare room in your driveway or backyard? And family reunions can be much more fun if you have a family member with property that can accommodate a bunch of RVs. Don’t have the space for everyone? Not to worry! We’ve delivered multiple units to local campgrounds for big family get-togethers, over big holiday weekends like Memorial Day, or for week-long annual reunions during the warm summer months. We even provided lodging for a wedding party, so that everyone could stay and celebrate together.

For those folks who have RVs, it’s easy to plan weekends to rendezvous with friends. Maybe you’ve found yourself feeling a little left-out as your RVer friends rolled off for fun-filled days by the river. With a rental from Sweet Dreams, you can join in the

fun, and never again have to sit home alone while your friends are out enjoying the great outdoors.

Connecting with your friends and family is one of the greatest things about RVing. Whether at home or at a state park or private campground, an RV can be the catalyst for some amazing memories. Sweet Dreams is here to help you get your own memories started.

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