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Camping Then...and Now

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

As a young girl growing up in a big city, I didn’t have the opportunity to go camping. I would watch jealously as my best friends’ parents prepped their VW Westfalia for a beach camping trip, longing for a day when I, too, would get to head off on an adventure.

When I was about to turn 13, my dad asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, and I knew exactly what to say: I wanted to go camping. Not just a little weekend trip - I wanted to head off to the desert, to Arizona, to the Grand Canyon. We didn’t really have much in the way of camping gear, nor did we have a camper, a trailer, or even a tent. Not to worry...we would outfit my dad’s El Camino for camping, with a foam egg crate pad to sleep on, some old army surplus sleeping bags to sleep in, and a hodgepodge of equipment we pieced together from friends and family. Oh, and the camper shell capped it all off. This was our idea of “RVing”.

That trip was my first real camping experience, one of many to come. We supplemented our stay that trip with a vintage canvas army tent that my mom scored from a friend, and most of my future camping nights were spent in tents. As I got older and got into hiking and bike touring, I’d look on with disdain at the big RVs

that sped past, or that spewed fumes and noise from their generators in

Bike? Check! Home on wheels? Check!

campgrounds. Who knew that one day I would be towing a travel trailer behind my truck, sleeping in a real bed and enjoying the comforts of home all while camped in the great outdoors.

My adventures these days are of a different variety, but they’re still adventures. When we’re not delivering and setting up travel trailers for our guests, we are exploring our beautiful region and state, finding prime campsites to set up as home base from which to launch a sweet bike ride, or a stellar hike. The only difference between these adventures and those of our past is that, at the end of the day, we can come back to camp, shower in our RV, crack open a nice cold beverage from our fridge, and prepare dinner in our galley or over a fire...and at the end of that blissful day, crawl into our beds, and enjoy a good night’s sleep on a

Now this is what I call camping!

comfy mattress, dreaming sweet dreams of tomorrow’s adventures…

If you, too, love the outdoors and the idea of camping, but not the idea of roughing it, let Sweet Dreams RV Rentals set you up in a cozy travel trailer, fully-equipped with all of the comforts of home. We even have gear like kayaks and SUPs available! So pack a few clothes, load up the fridge, and we’ll take care of the rest! Click here for your no-hassle quote!

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