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Countdown to Adventure in 3..2..1..

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

R Ranch - RV camping at its finest!

When we rolled up to the R Ranch on the Klamath River, our guests were waiting on a large swath of lawn that butted right up to the river bank. The riffles sparkled like diamonds where rafts gently drifted by; people were laughing, yelling from raft to raft and playing with water cannons. I l leaned out of the truck and called out to them, “where is the campsite?” “Right here”, they replied. Unbelievable, I thought. This spot, right here on the river bank, is where these folks will spend the next four days. They had a hammock up, tablecloth out, and the grill set up. The pit was arranged for responsible night time fun, under the stars communing around a fire.  And the river, right there, a stone’s throw away! What a great spot!

It just doesn't get much better than this!

That is what I love about RV camping. You choose where to stay, right in the midst of all the natural beauty, outside, fresh air, family fun, extraordinary memories. By the river, or a lake, under a green canopy where you want to be. There are amazing RV campsites all over Southern Oregon and there is no shortage of incredible outdoor recreation. Boating, canoeing, rafting, fishing, hiking, biking or just chilling out in your hammock with a cold beverage.  And after a hard day at play, a fireside meal and a sweet night under the stars; crawl under the fresh sheets to sleep in peaceful comfort. It is truly fantastic!

The only challenge - if it is, indeed, a challenge - about creating such an amazing experience is planning ahead far enough to have your pick of the very best campsites. Otherwise, it is three easy steps to one of the better vacation experiences at your finger tips (and keyboard!) We make it super easy on our website at You find the location, near your chosen adventures and recreation opportunities. Make sure to check the campsite maps for optimum placement. Choose water side locations if possible or far edge sites nearest forest and fields. And make sure to select sites with full hook ups - power, water and sewer - to use all of the features in your RV.

If you have been guilt tripped out of comfortable camping, you are seriously missing out! There are dozens of great parks with hundreds of super sweet campsites within a one hour radius of Medford and Ashland, Oregon. Once you have your favorite reserved and confirmed, cruise back over to the trailers selection tab and reserve the RV that best suits your family or group. We have some that sleep three and a few that sleep up to nine. They are loaded with amenities and super, super clean. Now that you have your site and your RV, take that third step and rent your TOYS! We have bikes, rafts, kayaks, SUPs, and even a pedal boat. It is all about play time!  

Three easy steps - that is all there is to it! Make sure to plan your adventures for 2019 early to insure you get the best campsites, trailers and toys! Visit us at Sweet Dreams RV Rentals for your free quote!

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