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Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall: Every Season Is RV Season!

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

dog walk at sunset
November Sunset, Brookings, Oregon

Fall is in full force, and winter is just around the corner… but that doesn’t mean camping season is over! It just means more layers, cold, crisp hikes or other outdoor activities, hot cocoa by the fire, and lots of warm blankets to snuggle under.

Around Medford, where we live, camping can be enjoyed year-round. With proper planning and equipment, some excellent adventures await. And if you are camping in an RV, your experience can be comfortable no matter the weather.

This year has offered up some interesting weather, and the months of October and most of November were unseasonably mild. It just so happened that a few events fell into place that

presented us with the perfect time to get away: Darby’s birthday, Veteran’s Day on a Monday, and a stellar weather forecast for the coast! So we hooked up a trailer (Diego), packed a few things up (dog included!), found a site for the night, and headed for Brookings.

What a weekend! Temps in the seventies...a sweet site at an oceanside RV park with full hook-ups… overall a lovely, mid-autumn trip. It left us totally pumped for more trips! But the weather has taken a turn, temperatures have dropped, rains have arrived, and the wind has picked up. Will that stop us? No way! As RVers, we don’t have to worry about those things! Just hook up, set up, and light that fire. All the comforts come with us in that little house on wheels, and we can plant ourselves in any location we choose. It’s the perfect balance of experiencing nature and all she has to offer, and being warm, cozy, comfortable - and dry!

The moral of this story: don’t let the seasons dictate your plans to get out into nature! You can make some incredible memories no matter the season. Just hook up your trailer, fire up your camper, or ask Sweet Dreams RV Rentals near Medford to help create your off-season adventure. Not only will you get to experience nature, perhaps in a way you never have, but the crowds are gone, and rates are low. Go on, get out there - what are you waiting for?

This is the first of a weekly series.

Next week: Gearing Up for Cold-Weather Camping. Get a quote from Medford’s favorite RV Rental service, Sweet Dreams RV Rentals

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Nov 25, 2018

An amazing way to spend a Birthday. I’ve really come to love Fall travel. Peaceful enjoyment, fewer travelers to contend with. Looking forward to Spring melt off. The waterfalls are extraordinary!

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