Sweet Dreams Are Made of This...

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

When the three of us (my partners and I) got the harebrained idea that we wanted to start a business that would allow us to share our visceral love of RV adventure with others, we decided that part of our plan would be to blog about our adventures. What makes that so incredibly easy and fun is we just so happen to live in one of the most diversely fun areas in the country, if you like us love the outdoors. As we have blogged about before, Southern Oregon has skiing, boating, white water, fishing, biking, hiking, mountain climbing, caves, woods, rivers and lakes, and that just scratches the surface. And it all happens within a one hour radius of Medford. The challenge isn’t deciding what to blog about this time; it is choosing which adventure to write about.

I feel like part of the fun for our three-person “sweet dreamers” team is that we all have different adventure needs. Me, I have a need for speed. I like motor sports of just about all kinds; motorcycling, snowmobiling, dirt-biking...but the king of fun is watercraft. Any kind of watercraft. Combine that with my need to recharge around water and it is watercraft vacation all the way!

Drivin' the boat!

Two ways to have a blast on the water are with jet skis or a speed boat. Pulling each other around on tow devices is about as good as it gets: crashing over the wakes, bouncing all over with spray hitting your face, the contrast of the hot sun and cold water, the belly laughs! I raised my kids on this kind of fun. My son is a jet ski hound! And I have grown rather fond of a SUP (stand up paddleboard) at the slow close of the day; an amazing way to welcome the evening shade over the lake. Four to seven days of this kind of fun will realign anyone’s mind, body and spirit.

Probably my two favorite lakes for a full recharge are either Lake of the Woods or Lost Creek Lake. It’s the water! Lake of the Woods is a natural spring-fed lake and Lost Creek is fed by the mighty Rogue River; with water heads at the pristine Crater Lake, the waters are clean, cool and crisp! But just as amazing are the campgrounds there.

Lake of the Woods has some spectacular sunsets!

Lake of the Wo