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Water Is My Place

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Water is my place. I find peace of mind when I am near water. I find a deeper connection with myself near water. I enjoy water recreation above all other types of recreation, with a slow float on a river, paddling on a lake, body riding a wave or speeding across a damn. It is all rejuvenating. I always return to my routine re-energized with a great attitude!

I find myself perfectly situated near Medford and Ashland surrounded by five beautiful lakes and the mighty Rogue River. At any time I choose, I can take the three hour drive in one of our RV Rentals over the Siskiyou Mountains to get to the extraordinary blue Pacific.

woman in front of waterfall

As RVers , we have discovered waterfall hunting in Southern Oregon. In our first year on the North Umpqua River, we saw six over a three-day RV adventure. With so many waterfalls in our region, we have many more glorious waterfalls to go! The best time to hunt is during the spring melt. You cannot imagine the smell of the snow melt rushing by, the crashing sound of the long drop or the thunderous cascading over boulders finished by the sweet wet kiss of cold spray. It is a visceral experience. Southern Oregon waterfalls are often easily accessible with a short walk from your car. For those few falls that are a bit further, the breath-taking easy to moderate hikes are just a little more of a satisfying accomplishment.

The old adage “if you have seen one, you have seen them all” does not apply!

Imagine ending such a day around a warm fire during a brisk spring night, sipping something hot that soothes all the way down and eating a meal prepped in the galley. Then when the day has had its way, crawling under a big comforter and recharging for tomorrow’s big adventure.

We easily parked our RV at Umpqua’s Last Resort, This park has plenty of full hook up sites, lovely open spaces surrounded by evergreens, and is nicely appointed with laundry and shower facilities.

If you want to have a waterfall-chasing adventure of your own, you can tow one of our rentals! Just visit Sweet Dreams RV Rentals. Be sure to reserve your campsite and RV Rental early, as sites and RV’s go fast for spring waterfall hunting. You can get a quote here:

Water heals me every time!

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